Water Bottle 101

©2011 GK Imagery

Photograph taken       Jan 20, 2011.

Take their water, package it in poison, then sell it back to them. The World Water Market is currently grossing 7 billion dollars per year. Corporations have pumped municipal water supplies dry and are selling it back to us at a 1900% mark up. Pristine environments in small communities are being purchased and towns, once sustained by an abundance of water, are now seeing devastating effects on lake, river, wetland, and creek levels, which inevitably leads to struggling human, wildlife, and plant populations. Unfortunately, that’s just the beginning. The water bottles, with their “pure” image, are made from Polyethelyne terephthalate (PET estrogen synthetic), Pyrozoline (pesticide and carcinogen), and Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA a carcinogen). In the communities where the bottles are manufactured, cancer, birth defects, and disease rates are immensely higher. Therefore, the air, earth, and water are being contaminated with carcinogens (cancer causing agents) by self serving corporations (Coke, Pepsi, Nestle, and many others) for the pleasure of your dollar. Once out in the world, the contamination continues. The plastic from the water bottles begin to degrade and leach the hazardous chemicals into our ground water. Not to mention, the ocean is becoming a sickening plastic soup. Profits are being made while we are living with toxic environments and bloodstreams. Strangely, the FDA has assigned but one person to the health and safety of bottled water. Even more shocking, bottled water companies are not required to make the results of their water tests public.

Cities around the U.S. test and retest their water multiple times a day in order to make sure it is safe enough for the public. We have the power to make the system of getting this life-giving staple to the people even safer by fostering the health of our waterways.


About tpsgreg

My name is Greg Kerekes and I am a Naturalist. I have a fascination with the natural world and I want to share what I discover to remind people what they are a part of. I consider photography a necessary means for capturing the magnificent beauty I experience in the neighboring wild. With my photography, I hope to preserve events as a way of validating their existence in order to focus attention toward the taken for granted connection between all objects in the universe. My photography promotes exploration, personal discovery, and acquisition of knowledge through the passing of time, experience, and persistence but most of all the connection between us known as the circle of life. I began to realize the connection with my environment at a young age. I grew up along the American River in Sacramento, California. My spare time as an adolescent was spent biking, hiking; studying the plants and animals; and catching butterflies along the river parkway. My experience wasn’t restricted to the American River; every Summer my family would take a road trip to a National Park somewhere in the United States: Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Everglades and many others. I picked up a camera in 2005 after realizing that catching butterflies was destructive. I can study the butterflies through pictures without causing them any harm. With this realization, my world expanded and I was now able to study anything I wanted in this manner. I began to photograph plants, insects, birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and the habitats they live in. After High School I attended Sacramento City College where I learned the digital and darkroom process and began making digital and silver gelatin prints. After the completion of my Certificate in Photography at Sacramento City College I moved to San Jose and began attending San Jose State University. At this institution I began to explore the antique processes of photography like Cyanotype and Gum Dichromate which use exposures from the sun rather than a light from an enlarger in the darkroom to create the image. Currently, I spend my time documenting the wild, natural life in San Jose working to coexist with the urban environment. I continue to travel extensively every year to further the tradition of natural exploration instilled by my parents. My objective is to set an example, raise awareness, and make a difference for the betterment of our society and planet, all while photographing what drives me the most, the connection between us and our environment.
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