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Silicon Valley of the Heart's Delight

A documentary series by Greg Kerekez, the title:“Silicon Valley of the Heart’s Delight” is a play on names associated with Santa Clara County: “Silicon Valley” combined with a historical term for the South Bay: “Valley of the Heart’s Delight.” Before the Age of Technology, our valley was filled with plentiful orchards, meandering creeks, and flowering hills. Many throughout history have commented on their Heart’s delight while reflecting on our Valley.

Consider this quote from famed botanist, John Muir, when entering the Santa Clara Valley, in July 1868. “With the Monte Diablo range on our left, those of Santa Cruz on our right; their union with the valley is by curves and slopes of inimitable beauty, and they were robed with the greenest grass and richest light I ever beheld, and colored and shaded with millions of flowers of every hue, chiefly of purple and golden yellow; and hundreds of crystal streams joined songs with the larks, filling all the valley with music like a sea, making it an Eden from end to end…”

Made for Television, this film series will showcase the amazing natural heritage and diversity of Silicon Valley, while addressing some critical issues currently facing the fragmented pieces of “Eden” that remain. Each episode will profile the citizens, organizations, and agencies; working to protect wildlife and wild lands of the Southern San Francisco Bay area.

Look forward to episodes titled “A Year with the Gray Fox”(profiling citizen scientist Bill Leikam), “Salmonids in the City”(citizen scientist Roger Castillo and Department of Fish and Wildlife Wardens), “Return of the California Golden Beaver”(Rick Lanman, Heidi Perryman, Urban Wildlife Research Project), “Burrows for Burrowing Owls”(Santa Clara Valley Audubon), “Nonprofits for our Lady Guadalupe” (Guadalupe River Park Conservancy, Friends of Los Gatos Creek, Ulistac Natural Area Restoration and Education Project), “Butterflies of Hummingbird Mountain and Coyote Ridge”(Santa Clara Open Space Authority and Mid-peninsula Open Space).

If you know a piece of Eden that should be showcased or would like to be involved in the project, contact Greg Kerekez: at

Here’s a preview of one episode from the series “A Year with the Gray Fox”


About tpsgreg

My name is Greg Kerekes and I am a Naturalist. I have a fascination with the natural world and I want to share what I discover to remind people what they are a part of. I consider photography a necessary means for capturing the magnificent beauty I experience in the neighboring wild. With my photography, I hope to preserve events as a way of validating their existence in order to focus attention toward the taken for granted connection between all objects in the universe. My photography promotes exploration, personal discovery, and acquisition of knowledge through the passing of time, experience, and persistence but most of all the connection between us known as the circle of life. I began to realize the connection with my environment at a young age. I grew up along the American River in Sacramento, California. My spare time as an adolescent was spent biking, hiking; studying the plants and animals; and catching butterflies along the river parkway. My experience wasn’t restricted to the American River; every Summer my family would take a road trip to a National Park somewhere in the United States: Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Everglades and many others. I picked up a camera in 2005 after realizing that catching butterflies was destructive. I can study the butterflies through pictures without causing them any harm. With this realization, my world expanded and I was now able to study anything I wanted in this manner. I began to photograph plants, insects, birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and the habitats they live in. After High School I attended Sacramento City College where I learned the digital and darkroom process and began making digital and silver gelatin prints. After the completion of my Certificate in Photography at Sacramento City College I moved to San Jose and began attending San Jose State University. At this institution I began to explore the antique processes of photography like Cyanotype and Gum Dichromate which use exposures from the sun rather than a light from an enlarger in the darkroom to create the image. Currently, I spend my time documenting the wild, natural life in San Jose working to coexist with the urban environment. I continue to travel extensively every year to further the tradition of natural exploration instilled by my parents. My objective is to set an example, raise awareness, and make a difference for the betterment of our society and planet, all while photographing what drives me the most, the connection between us and our environment.
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