Human impact along the Guadalupe River

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Disrupted Flow: The Guadalupe River

For 4.5 billion of years the ecosystems around us have been evolving, the Universe’s natural processes shaped the land and creatures on Earth. But what happens when the creatures that the Universe created thrive beyond the control of those natural processes?

We have all heard of the swarms of locusts that can blacken the sky and wipeout acres of vegetation. In so many ways we are like them. We have a common instinctual goal to reproduce and pass on our genetics. We both rely on food, water, and shelter provided by our environment. We both can have massive effects on our surroundings given the right conditions, but one aspect differs. Locusts have instincts, humans have a complex state of consciousness that comes with great responsibility. Our ability to contemplate the morality of an issue frequently goes against our natural instincts. Therefore, it is through learned behavior and critical questioning of our own actions that can bring balance to our environment. It is our ability to think critically and morally that separates us from them.

In the gallery before you are photographs of the remarkable circumstances found in the natural world of San Jose, California. These photographs were all taken within a small strip of the Guadalupe River in between Coleman and Taylor Ave. As our species progresses others are forced to regress. Our intelligence gives us the ultimate edge and the ultimate responsibility to appreciate and protect the wonders of our environment.

It is our environment that has sustained us for 4.5 billion years, its time we be critical and think about how our every action can affect our environment.


One Response to Human impact along the Guadalupe River

  1. Emily Creegan says:

    Wow. These images are so powerful and I so appreciate your exquisite narrative. The sole duckling amidst waste is extremely bleak and powerful. Thank you.

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