Fine Art Prints and Photography Services

Were you captivated by a wild moment I captured and wish to own a print of your own? Or did you notice your friends’ favorite animal and would like to give a print as a gift? All images on this site and images on are available in any custom size for $0.90/square inch; sold as print only, matted, and/or framed.  Shipping depends on your location and weight of your purchase. Send an email to with the title or description of the image and the print size you want, whether or not you want it matted or framed, and your shipping address. All prints are signed, numbered, and enclosed with artists biography and a pamphlet describing the unique situation from which the photograph was taken.  Thank you for taking an interest in the wild moments I have witnessed.

Size           Price $0.90/square inch    Matted+$15        Framed+$20

8×10           72.00 (tax included)            86.00                   106.00

11×14           138.60 (tax included)         153.60                   173.60

13×19           222.30 (tax included)        237.30                  257.30

Prints available in any size. (Width x Height)x 0.90=print price

Other Services– photoshop manipulation $30/hr, full video production or photography in a variety of situations:  weddings, commercial onsite, portraits.  As well as unique educational materials catered to your lessons or presentation (books, flashcards, handouts, posters, puzzles, and more).


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