Tracking the Grey Fox

When people think of Silicon Valley, the Grey Fox probably doesn’t come to mind.

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The Grey Fox is ancient predator who walked the earth before modern man. These fox, though seldom seen, are present in much of North America and locally along the San Francisco Bay and in the Diablo and Santa Cruz mountain ranges. We’ve observed them in our valley’s marshes, golf courses, rivers, orchards, residential parks, office complexes, and mountain passes. They hunt by night and recoup during the day. Grey Fox among many other species use our valleys rivers and streams to reach new territory to find mates for the spring.

I have teamed up with Bill Leikam, local Grey Fox Expert, to document the seldom seen mammals of our valley. We are collecting data utilizing personal observation/videos/photos and motion sensor infrared video camera’s that will be able to monitor the fox’s activity day and night. We have been following entire fox families through pup rearing and maturation. These special cameras also record other wildlife activity in the surrounding area, which have deepened our understanding of the valley’s ecosystems health and the interplay between species.

Human development is constantly altering or threatening the valley’s remaining wild places. Each year humanity pushes further and further out into the San Francisco Bay and  over the mountains. By identifying key corridors and habitat, educating the public, and working with agencies and organizations on land management and preservation, we hope to provide habitat security for the Grey Fox and the rest of the valley’s wildlife.


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